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  • Federal judge says in 2000:

    Snyder is “highly experienced and skilled in ‚high stakes plaintiff’s litigation.” “Snyder ‚ provided outstanding legal services‚” “litigation was imaginatively conceived, skillfully staged, thoroughly prepared, aggressively pursued, and timely and successfully resolved for the great benefit of [client].” “the results obtained were spectacular‚” “the litigation was unprecedented, and the result was extraordinary."

  • The Best Law Firm on the East Coast

    "Michael B. Snyder, his father, Stephen L. Snyder and the lawyers at Snyder & Snyder, represented me and my family with regards to the ExxonMobil Gas leak that occurred in Jacksonville, Maryland. After a year of hard work, the case went to trial, which lasted five and a half months. My case was tried with 87 other families that the law firm also represented. The Jury ruled in our favor and came back with a verdict of approximately $150,000,000. I was really pleased by the hard work of Mr. Snyder and his law firm. These lawyers really proved to me and the other families involved how talented and successful they are when it comes to high stakes litigation. Not only were they fantastic trial lawyers but they are also compassionate and caring people who provided great advice throughout this case. I am happy to call them my lawyers and I would recommend them to anyone who needs the best lawyers out there."

    -R.D., Baltimore, MD
  • Praise from Legal Scholar

    "As an attorney in the Baltimore area who has worked closely with the Snyder Litigation Team on cases, I have always been impressed by the firm’s dedication and tenacity. Working with this firm has taught me a tremendous amount about how to achieve the best results for my own clients. The Lawyers at the Snyder Litigation Team treat each case as if it’s going to trial, yet the vast majority of their cases settle due to the firm’s reputation and proven results. The results they obtain are truly spectacular."

  • Superb Job

    "Please let Steve know that we feel he did a superb job today. We were amazed at the presentation, the clarity, the forthrightness, and the literal evidence that was displayed. The visuals were phenomenal. It is unbelievable how you all put this all together. We had to let you know how terrific Steve and the entire team were."

    -L.B., Baltimore, MD
  • Outstanding Job in Trial

    "Congratulations. I think you and your team did an outstanding job in the trial. We could not have hired a better law firm."

    -B.B., Baltimore, MD
  • Excellent Representation

    "Overall rating: Excellent, Trustworthy, Responsive, Knowledgeable, Kept me informed Michael Snyder and the lawyers at Snyder & Snyder did a excellent job representing me and my family in our case. They worked it up and resolved it for more money than we ever expected. I would definitely recommend these lawyers to anyone who has a serious case."

    -A.M., Baltimore, MD
  • Praise from Legal Scholar

    "Mr. Snyder works extremely hard on behalf of his clients. His firm has a long-standing commitment to their clients, and under his leadership, has obtained excellent results. With a unique way of working with clients, fellow lawyers, and others, Mr. Snyder consistently goes the extra step to see that his clients expectations are met I endorse this lawyer without reservation."

  • Conclusion of Litigation

    "Mr. Snyder is a knowledgeable attorney who took the time to clearly review our background of information. He was not afraid of a challenge as we were informed that this was a very complicated case to defend. Over the years that our litigation has transpired we were kept up to date on significant changes that were occurring at the given time. He works closely with the client and truly follows the idealistic approach to caring and has true compassion to fight for what is right and protect the little guy. He takes himself out of the attorney position and turns the tables and places himself into the shoes of the client to really see what they have gone through. I would highly recommend Michael Snyder and his firm."

    -S.D., Baltimore, MD
  • Phenomenal

    "You are the best. You have been, as I said before, phenomenal in your research, your time, your efforts, you diligence, and all your presentations on our behalf. Your closing statements today were superb and there is really no way for me to express our most sincere thanks for all that you have undertaken. You and your team have been our only advocates."

    -D.B., Baltimore, MD
  • Amazing!

    "Steve, I am writing to you in the hope that your future clients will know what can be accomplished by joining forces with yourself and the other members of the Snyder & Snyder Team. My company was dominated by the whims of a large regional Bank. For a solid year our credit was continually cut back and the top people in my operation were unfairly burdened with laborious reporting requirements. Although I was represented by good professional attorneys the pressure increased and it looked as though the bank would badger us to the date when a new lender could be introduced. I placed a call to your office on March 5, 2014. You began discussions with the bank's attorneys two days later. During your communications with the bank it became evident that the bank did not want a legal confrontation with you and your team. I was very surprised by your ability to grasp all of the key elements in the case so quickly. You were able to compile the evidence and create a good legal position from which we could pursue compensation from the bank. In less than ten days Snyder & Snyder was able to relieve my company from paying legal and accounting fees which the bank was insisting we pay. More importantly my company was relieved from paying any pre-payment penalties. These two victories saved my company approximately $600,000.00. The primary purpose of my call to Snyder & Snyder was to keep the bank from unfairly limiting our credit. Snyder & Snyder were able to negotiate with the bank and achieve fair terms and conditions. It was amazing to me how quickly and effectually you were able to achieve this. All of this work was completed by Snyder & Snyder within eighteen business days. Thank you so much Steve, I'm sure we will work together again. Always remember a quick nickel is better than a slow dime."

    -D.S., Baltimore, MD
  • Blown Away

    "High quality representation and personal attention, blown away by the results. This truly is a top-notch firm."

    -A.R., Baltimore, MD
  • Fabulous and Outstanding

    "You are fabulous, did an outstanding job, and we couldn’t have been prouder of your performance."

    -B.L., Baltimore, MD
  • Served Us Well

    "Snyder & Snyder served us very well. They fought hard to get us a good settlement. They answered our phone calls and questions promptly. We were very satisfied and would highly recommend them."

    -M.K., Baltimore, MD
  • Thanks to Everyone

    "Our thanks to everyone on the team for an excellent job and great verdict."

    -J.D and J.E., Baltimore, MD
  • Congrats and Heartfelt Thanks

    "Please send my congrats and heartfelt thanks to Steve, Michael, and the entire firm for pouring your heart and soul into this case on behalf of our family and our neighbors. The last couple of days were quite emotional and I can’t thank each and every one of you enough for all you have done. God bless and thank you all."

    -M.B., Baltimore, MD
  • Praise from Legal Scholar

    "I have worked closely with Michael, we are in the same building, and frequently discuss our cases, the law and strategies. He is extremely knowledgeable, always accessible and very forthcoming. We also share results, and his successes are many, and the value he gets for cases virtually always is much higher than similar ones tried or settled by other attorneys. I have seen him with clients, and the rapport is unmistakable! I cannot recommend him enough!"

  • Snyder Changed Our Lives

    "Snyder & Snyder took on a case for my mother when everyone else said that she did not have a case. Their team of specialist did months of research for her and helped my mother win a case against a major major hospital. I just wanna say thanks from me and my family. You have truly changed our lives."

    -E.W., Baltimore, MD
  • We genuinely appreciate each of you.

    "Thank you all for your time and effort during the difficult process of getting what was due to me and my family for our suffering and lifestyle change. I have been blessed and afforded the opportunity to have all my needs met and then some. We genuinely appreciate each of you. My prayers are for your families continued success. May God continue to bless you all."

    -J & R , MD
  • Maryland state court judge in 2000:

    "One can almost take judicial notice of how extremely talented – how diverse – how experienced – how brilliant – and how enormously successful they have been in big time cases before juries – in Baltimore City and anywhere else they have practiced. I was struck by the immense preparation all of the Plaintiff’s attorneys had done. ‘Awesome’ is a word that has been cheapened by its constant use – but it is the one word which properly describes the preparation in this case."

  • Pre-Eminent Professor of Law said in court filing:

    "[Snyder’s office] is one of the best, if not the best, law firms on the East Coast with respect to the representation of plaintiffs."

  • Gratitude, Respect, and Admiration

    "In the arena of truth, inner wisdom is the virtue of goodwill and the life force of the whole truth. In the arena of truth, you have earned our deepest gratitude, respect, and admiration. With sincere gratitude and warmest thanks."

    -D.B., Baltimore, MD
  • True Commitment, Passion, and Caring

    "I certainly appreciate the genuine concern, the commitment, and the passion of the entire law team to see this through to this point. The orchestration of all team members to stay coordinated to get to the end result on a large project in itself is a huge task. It certainly was a tremendous effort that is difficult to understand and put into words unless you share these parallels. In my world this would have been a “once in a career” project. Concluding arguments certainly touched everyone while clearly articulating like a well-orchestrated concert the inner feelings that many of us could not eloquently describe while testifying as well as what we all know is the truth in the case. Thanks again to the entire firm. The true commitment and passion and caring is what I think separates good firms from great firms regardless of their business. Your firm is certainly a great firm for taking on this overwhelming challenge, this commitment to and caring about the community. The passion and Steve’s unrelenting questioning to help us to find out what really happened and the execution of the plan which hopefully reaches a successful conclusion."

    -J.A., Baltimore, MD

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